Company Profile

The Corporate Risk Management Specialists

With diversified and highly skilled management, Blue Thistle Corporate Solutions has the advantage in corporate security risk management. We have put together an experienced management team, all of whom have diverse experience within a multitude of corporate environments. It is this combined knowledge and experience that guarantees the ultimate corporate risk management solution. With this in mind we have the advantage of knowing how clients will react to specific situations and the level of service that they require. All of our services can be specifically adapted and modified to suit any and all industries.

Vision and Mission

Blue Thistle Corporate Solutions opened its doors when we pinpointed a gap in the South African market for strategic planning, corporate risk management and intellectual property protection. It is due to our unyielding drive, commitment, client communication and professionalism that we look forward to continually setting the standard in the corporate security and corporate risk management industry. We are confident and committed to consistently delivering new, innovative and advanced services. This dedication ensures client protection and security of the most international standards.

What is Risk Management?

Our risk management services are exceptionally specialised. Our work refers to the evaluation of risk on a client’s property as well as projects. We will take into consideration all factors, both external and internal factors relating to the specific business. Some services associated with risk management are visitor screening, critical document delivery, escorting and monitoring of non-critical and critical staff members.

Blue Thistle Corporate Solutions Products

As experts in high security, we offer our clients a variety of highly specialised security products. The premier products that we offer include surveillance, counter surveillance and personal protection products. Another specialised product that we provide is covert and overt security products. Blue Thistle Corporate Solutions supplies the most advanced security products. We have our finger on the pulse of the industry and keep up to date with the ever evolving security industry. Due to this commitment we will provide our clients’ with products of the most international standards.


Blue Thistle Corporate Solutions (Pty) Limited are the proud sponsors of Henry “Herculeez” Fadipe, who won the Welterweight Title at EFC 29 on 1 May 2014